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Additional FAQs

Who do I contact if I have an issue?

Please email us at services@countrylinen.us, call at 208-375-0274, or visit our Contact Us page.

Do you have damage claims if you damage anything?

Things happen. We know that. Never hesitate to contact us if you feel that something was damaged in our process.

How do I feel at ease when I am handing you all of my linens for my business?

Worried? Please feel free to set up a tour of our facility to see our process. Schedule a tour!

Will my big items such as comforters be charged by weight?

Yes. Just as small items take up very little room, large items take up a lot of room. It all balances out in the end.

Our Sorting Process FAQs

Do I need to sort my laundry ahead of time?

No! We do it all for you! No need to worry about it and there’s no responsibility on your part.

Do you charge more for heavily soiled laundry?

No! We charge a flat rate regardless of soil level. Heavily soiled items are sorted separately in order to maintain the proper balance of detergent required to get your laundry clean.

How do I schedule my laundry pickup?

Give us a call to be added to our daily route. Routes run from 5:30am to approximately 2:30pm.

How long will it take?

The entire process of pickup, sorting, cleaning, folding, and delivery takes only 2 business days!

How many linens can you take at a time?

There’s no limit! It sounds weird, but it’s true! For example, one of our clients brings us 8,500 articles every day and we still have plenty of room and time! We are well staffed and have a large facility capable of handling high loads.

Washing and Drying FAQs

What kind of detergents and fabric softeners do you use?

Everything we use is non-toxic and allergy friendly. Our detergent is made up of a breaking agent and a surfactant. We do not use fabric softeners because of the allergies that they tend to cause. Everything we use is unscented for delicate skin.

Do you hand wash delicate fabrics?

No. Our machines are shockingly capable of handling the most delicate of washable fabrics while still being capable of removing all of the dirt and pathogens on the garment. Pretty incredible, huh?

Ironing and Folding FAQs

How do the linen machines work?

The linens go straight from the washer into a machine that both dries and irons at the same time.. First, the wet linen is run through the ironing press. It is moved in an ‘S’ shape through two steam heated cylinders. This instantly dries and presses it at the same time. The speed at which the linen is run through the cylinders is adjustable for the kind of fabric. Slower for heavier, thicker linens, and faster for lightweight linens.

From there, the linens are fed straight into the folding machine. This machine delicately, precisely, and smoothly folds the linens. It then delivers them to an employee who checks them and makes the final fold. From there, the linens are wrapped and tagged to be sent back to you.

Do you hand press anything?

No we do not. Working in the industry of cleaning for businesses, there is rarely ever a need to hand press any of the items that we receive for cleaning. It is for this reason that we do not offer hand pressing services.

Pickup & Delivery FAQs

What time do your drivers arrive for pickups and deliveries? Is it a set time or can I schedule?

Our drivers’ morning routes start at 5:30am and end at approximately 2:30pm. If you have a preferred time, we can do our best to schedule it into a driver’s daily route. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to call us at 208-375-0274.

Do I need someone there to assist them in pickup and delivery?

You can if you prefer. It is recommended for the first couple of times. After our drivers know what you like, they can do it completely independently. If you have special instructions that day, you can have someone there to let our drivers know, or you can give us a call.

Do you do contactless pickups and deliveries?

Yes we do! Just let us know that you prefer contactless and tell us where to pickup and deliver your loads.

Are your drivers trained to handle medical laundry?

Yes! Extra precautions are taken with medical laundry as it can be soiled with bio-hazardous substances and can contain pathogens and sharps. Not only are our drivers trained to handle medical laundry, but so are all of our staff.

Is there an extra charge for pickup and delivery?

No! Our prices are a flat rate that includes pickup and delivery.