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"Leave the laundry to us, you have more important things to do!"

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Choosing the right Healthcare Laundry Service

Your medical facility must be vigilant about infection control, and your commercial laundry service must be equally committed. Country Linen Service plays a critical role in your healthcare facility's infection prevention and control program by:

  • Meeting or exceeding physical area requirements
  • Maintaining clean work areas
  • Properly collecting and transporting soiled linens, and
  • Following a well-defined laundry cleaning process

Healthcare providers need the added protection of safe handling, hypoallergenic options, skilled staff, and modern laundry facilities that follow recommendations made by The Joint Commission.

"Leave the laundry to us, you have more important things to do!"

Inpatient Services

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The Joint Commission Standards
for Medical Linens

Country Linen Service is the preferred commercial laundry for medical services in the Treasure Valley. We maintain standards set the 'The Joint Commission' throughout the laundering process through the use of strict infection control measures and our newly built modern laundry facility.

Our healthcare laundry services include:

  • Bed linens, blankets, pillow cases, patient gowns and towels.
  • Surgical drapes, surgical gowns, & washable face masks.
  • Uniforms and Scrubs.

We have expanded into a new and modern facility that:

  • Is large enough to handle large customers and support proper infection control.
  • Has specific and separate areas for clean and soiled laundry.
  • Maintains positive air pressure in clean areas of the facility.
  • Uses computer controlled detergent dispensing systems.
  • Utilizes coded entry systems to protect clean areas
  • Features conveniently located hand hygiene stations.
  • Clearly designates and identifies dirty laundry areas with warning signs.
  • HVAC lint screens that are changed frequently.

Our staff is well-trained and committed to using safe-handling methods by:

  • Following Country Linen Service's published guidelines and recommendations.
  • Following hand-washing protocols and high personal hygiene.
  • Performing Continuous Improvement reviews.
  • Using provided Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when necessary.
  • Cleaning the facility on a frequent and regular basis.
  • Ensuring that lint is removed from production areas.
  • Performing regular maintenance on equipment.