Our Commercial Laundry Process

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When the driver arrives to pick up your laundry, the items are tagged to keep orders separate. We never mix your linens with other customers' items. Our incoming laundry bay is separate from the rest of the facility; dirty and clean linens are never handled in the same space.

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Washing & Drying

Many restaurants and small businesses use repurposed home washers and dryers that often reduce the life of linens. Using commercial machines is the best and most efficient way to keep up with demand and increase the longetivity of fabrics.

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Ironing & Folding

After each load has dried completely, it is taken to the folding area. Our staff then inspect all items to ensure that they are cleaned and dried completely. Each item is folded to ensure it doesn’t pick up any wrinkles, and linens are ironed and folded by specialized equipment.

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After the order is completed, it is loaded onto one of our delivery trucks and returned. At this time, our driver will also pick up any used items that need to be processed. Most orders are completed and returned the following day.

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