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Our Washing & Drying Process

Computer Controlled Industrial Washer-Extractors

Our washing process begins with an industrial high-tech Washer-Extractor. After the sorting process, your laundry is assigned to one of them. Each machine is connected to a central chemical dispensing system and keeps accurate control of every parameter in order to clean and sanitize your linens and laundry. Maintaining this control guarantees that soil and pathogens are removed before moving onto the next step.

Many restaurants and small businesses use light duty commercial washers or home washers, dryers, and standard household water heaters that cannot handle heavily soiled linens. These machines do not meet time and temperature requirements to kill pathogens and sanitize workloads properly.

Lastly, bathroom and kitchen cleaning towels and mop heads are often washed together with napkins, aprons and bar towels when washed in-house. These situations pose a public health risk. Your establishment could be spreading bacteria and viruses in the community. But our sorting process ensures that this doesn’t happen. More information on our sorting process.

Country Linen Service delivers a high-temp wash and uses chemicals that rinse out completely, along with dirt and germs.

Industrial Dryers

Our high-capacity heavy-duty dryers are all stainless steel, just like our washers. Increased airflow eliminates hotspots and dries laundry evenly. Our large facility has multiple dryers that can process anything from delicate fabrics to durable linens. These dryers also monitor moisture and temperature to keep laundry from being over or under dried.

Some linens skip the dryer step and go directly to a specialized machine that delicately dries, presses, and folds your linens. See more information on how the linens are dried and folded.


What kind of detergents and fabric softeners do you use?

Everything we use is non-toxic and allergy friendly. Our detergent is made up of a breaking agent and a surfactant. We do not use fabric softeners because of the allergies that they tend to cause. Everything we use is unscented for delicate skin.

Do you hand wash delicate fabrics?

No. Our machines are shockingly capable of handling the most delicate of washable fabrics while still being capable of removing all of the dirt and pathogens on the garment. Pretty incredible, huh?

How long does it take?

The entire process of pickup, sorting, cleaning, folding, and delivery takes only 2 business days!


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