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Pressing, Folding and Packaging Your Order

After each load has dried, it is taken to our folding area, which is separated from the rest of the facility. This keeps things organized and makes sure clean and dirty loads don’t get mixed. The folding area is always kept clean and sanitary.

Our staff then thoroughly inspect all items to ensure that they are completely cleaned and dried. Each item is hand folded to ensure it doesn’t pick up any wrinkles. Meanwhile, linens such as table cloths and bed sheets are dried, pressed, and folded by our specialized linen press and folder.

After the linens and laundry items are folded, our employees hand wrap and store them so that your order will not collect new contaminants as they leave our facility and are transported back to you


How do the linen machines work?

The linens go straight from the washer into a machine that both dries and irons at the same time.. First, the wet linen is run through the ironing press. It is moved in an ‘S’ shape through two steam heated cylinders. This instantly dries and presses it at the same time. The speed at which the linen is run through the cylinders is adjustable for the kind of fabric. Slower for heavier, thicker linens, and faster for lightweight linens.

From there, the linens are fed straight into the folding machine. This machine delicately, precisely, and smoothly folds the linens. It then delivers them to an employee who checks them and makes the final fold. From there, the linens are wrapped and tagged to be sent back to you.

Do you hand press anything?

No we do not. Working in the industry of cleaning for businesses, there is rarely ever a need to hand press any of the items that we receive for cleaning. It is for this reason that we do not offer hand pressing services.


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Washing & Drying

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Ironing & Folding

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