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Our Sorting Process

We do pickup and delivery. When the driver arrives to pick up your laundry, your items are bagged and tagged to keep them separate from other orders. We never mix your linens with other customers' items. Our incoming sorting bay is separate from the rest of the facility; dirty and clean linens are never handled in the same space.

Catering to a wide range of customers with special needs, our staff inspects the incoming linens to assess the types of soil level, color, weave, fabric type, etc. We sort our soil levels into three degrees: Heavy, medium, and light. Grease and oils from restaurants, etc., is marked as Heavy. Food stains on things such as napkins and tablecloths are classified as Medium. Medical things that wouldn’t be dirty so much as contaminated are considered to be Light.

After your laundry and linens are sorted, we prioritize and stage your items to the appropriate washing machine. We do not throw everything together in the largest machine possible and then sort it out again when it’s done. We process every order accurately and on time.


Do I need to sort my laundry ahead of time?

No! We do it all for you! No need to worry about it and there’s no responsibility on your part.

Do you charge more for heavily soiled laundry?

No! We charge a flat rate regardless of soil level. Heavily soiled items are sorted separately in order to maintain the proper balance of detergent required to get your laundry clean.

How do I schedule my laundry pickup?

Give us a call to be added to our daily route. Routes run from 5:30am to approximately 2:30pm.

How long will it take?

The entire process of pickup, sorting, cleaning, folding, and delivery takes only 2 business days!

How many linens can you take at a time?

There’s no limit! It sounds weird, but it’s true! For example, one of our clients brings us 8,500 articles every day and we still have plenty of room and time! We are well staffed and have a large facility capable of handling high loads.


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Washing & Drying

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Ironing & Folding

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