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Country Linen Service drivers are awake and well on their way before the crack of dawn. They are an “early to rise, early to bed” bunch that picks up and delivers your laundry. Our drivers are trained to make sure that dirty and clean linens do not cross-contaminate during the trip. When they deliver, they stock your shelves and ensure your inventory looks as it should. It’s a worry free process for you.

Then they use their safe handling training to load your dirty bag of laundry with extra care and drive it back to our facility.

When they load your laundry, they tag and organize it so that it never gets mixed with other clients’ laundry. This organization is maintained throughout the entire process as it is moved throughout our facility. Once it arrives, it is hand sorted. More about our sorting process.

Our delivery drivers are a great bunch of people and will answer (or find answers) to your questions, relay special instructions, and provide excellent service. After all "Our Service is Our Contract!"


What time do your drivers arrive for pickups and deliveries? Is it a set time or can I schedule?

Our drivers’ morning routes start at 5:30am and end at approximately 2:30pm. If you have a preferred time, we can do our best to schedule it into a driver’s daily route. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to call us at 208-375-0274.

Do I need someone there to assist them in pickup and delivery?

You can if you prefer. It is recommended for the first couple of times. After our drivers know what you like, they can do it completely independently. If you have special instructions that day, you can have someone there to let our drivers know, or you can give us a call.

Do you do contactless pickups and deliveries?

Yes we do! Just let us know that you prefer contactless and tell us where to pickup and deliver your loads.

Are your drivers trained to handle medical laundry?

Yes! Extra precautions are taken with medical laundry as it can be soiled with bio-hazardous substances and can contain pathogens and sharps. Not only are our drivers trained to handle medical laundry, but so are all of our staff.

Is there an extra charge for pickup and delivery?

No! Our prices are a flat rate that includes pickup and delivery.


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