Linen Pampering Services for Your Spa or Salon

"Luxurious pampering starts with soft, clean and sanitized linens and towels."

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Country Fresh Linens Every Time

Spas exist to provide for the physical, mental and emotional health, relaxation, and rejuvination of the mind, body and spirit. While there many different types of spas the all have one thing in common!

Towels, robes, sheets and coverings that come into direct contact with your clientele. Sweat, skin, pathogens and in the case of medical spas, blood, saliva and other unmentionables.

Don't think for a moment that throwing them in a light-duty washer, hidden in the back room; is going to do the trick.

Local Linen and Laundry Specialists

Spas and salons are special places where health and beauty come together in a holistic or alternative approach to fight stress, aging, and any number of ailments.

You need a team of dedicated linen and laundry specialists that know how to sort, wash, dry, press and deliver your linens in a timely and accurate fashion.

Your linens are sorted and washed separately and never mix with our other client's laundry. We can pickup and deliver, as required, so you never run out of stock.

Specialty Products

We launder your specialty items as well, including:

  • Robes
  • Towels
  • Sheets
  • Mats
  • Massage Cradle Covers

Learn more about Our Process and Schedule a Tour. We don't do long-term contracts, and have a risk-free buying process, "Our service is our contract!"


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